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Your HVAC system can now tell you, “I think something might be wrong”, preventing costly HVAC breakdowns and more. The Smart AC technology lets you take control of your HVAC insights and health through an easy to use phone app.

Some homes can save between up to $100 annually on insurance savings with leak & freeze detection.

Whole home HVAC monitoring

Revolutionize your home’s HVAC system with SmartAC

This system is designed to prevent costly breakdowns and enhance overall comfort. This innovative system allows you to predict and take action on HVAC issues before they turn into expensive repairs. It is designed to detect potential problems such as water leaks and also to monitor the health of your air filters, ensuring they are replaced at the optimal time for peak performance. With real-time data tracking of your HVAC system’s health, your home’s comfort and system efficiency are always prioritized.

Our SmartAC Monitoring comes packed with features and benefits that offer control and peace of mind.

The comprehensive hardware kit with advanced sensors, is backed by a lifetime warranty. The system’s app features include system status updates, filter health status, freeze alerts, and breakdown risk scores, enabling effective monitoring of your HVAC system’s health. Additional benefits include potential insurance savings and 24/7 monitoring. This system ensures your HVAC operates effortlessly, maintaining fresh air quality, saving on energy costs, and preventing unexpected breakdowns. 

Our Commitment to Your Well-being

At The Legacy Precision HVAC we take pride in our commitment to delivering not just climate control, but a comprehensive solution that prioritizes your health and comfort. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assess your air conditioning needs with a SmartAC tailored solution.

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