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Aeroseal Is the Difference You Can Feel!

Imagine paying full price for a pizza and being told you’ll only get 70 percent of it. Chances are you would walk right out the door. We sure would!

You should use the same logic with your ductwork. According to ENERGY STAR, 20 to 30 percent of the air that moves through ductwork is lost due to leaks, holes and improperly connected ducts. You’re paying full price for your heater or AC to condition and disperse the air. Yet the reality is that you’re losing a large portion of it.

The air ends up in places like your basement, crawl spaces, garage and attic. Not only does conditioned air escape through these weak points, but dirty air also gets sucked in. From the comfort of your couch, you could be breathing in air from the attic and not even know it.



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Take Control with Aeroseal

Faulty ductwork doesn’t stand a chance with our Special Aeroseal process. Sealing ductwork from the inside out, we can cut air leakage down to 2 percent or less in most homes. That sure beats 30 percent!

As part of the process, we’ll provide a certification document showing just how much airflow you saved with our duct sealing. We use advanced technology to measure the effectiveness of our work and give you peace of mind that it will have a true impact on your energy savings, indoor air quality and more.

Aeroseal is the catalyst for energy savings even when paired with less efficient HVAC equipment. In almost all situations, it is more economical to purchase a 14 SEER AC with an 80 percent gas furnace and Aeroseal the ductwork than installing an 18 SEER AC with a 96 percent gas furnace and no Aeroseal. Our process trumps HVAC manufacturers’ efficiency ratings because we tailor our work to the intricacies of each individual ductwork system. Since we roll up our sleeves and get right up in the ductwork, we’re able to reliably seal it and deliver results that machines cannot.

Aeroseal not only works wonders for heating and cooling efficiency, but it also does the same for indoor comfort levels. You’ll be amazed by how this service can provide more consistent temperature and end the frustration of some rooms being too hot and others too cold. It will also improve your indoor air quality by sealing up the areas that used to pull in contaminated air. Lastly, you’ll enjoy additional airflow through your home and have peace of mind that your heating and cooling investments aren’t going to waste.

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